Marc A. Krouse MD

Deputy Chief Medical Examiner - Tarrant County Medical Examiner's District

Board certified in anatomic, forensic, and clinical pathology.

Who do we work with?

Attorneys from all sides have counted on Dr. Krouse for expert testimony in criminal proceedings. This includes depositions and trial. If you are in need of evidence or records review, Dr. Krouse has worked with attorneys on countless cases during his 36 years as a pathologist. 

Dr. Krouse has been called upon by several civil attorneys in cases of accidental death, wrongful death, automobile collisions involving restraint failures, and injury mechanisms. Are you a law firm looking to have better depth of understanding of your evidence?

Contact us today, and get Dr. Krouse working with you on your case today.  

If you are in an area with limited medical examiner or forensic investigative coverage, we can bring a team of experts to provide forensic analysis on even the most complex cases. We have a full-service forensic laboratory that provides great turnaround time on evidence. We also offer educational training for departments needing to stay current on crime scene and evidence best-practice protocols.  

Whether your loved one was involved in an automobile collision, a workplace accident, an act of violence, or a defective prescription, we offer secondary analysis of the facts surrounding untimely deaths. This includes secondary private autopsies, evidence and records review, and laboratory services.

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Having worked with Physicians for Human Rights, Dr. Krouse understands the sensitive nature of fatalities during high-conflict political environments. We are able to offer an objective and purely scientific approach to the investigation of those fatalities, and report the findings as such. Our reporting is sensitive to regional customs without compromising results. 


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