Evidence Review

We are able to review all available evidence regarding criminal and civil matters. By reviewing this material, we are able to determine whether or not more evidence is needed, the type of evidence needed, and how to find it. We are also able to determine a critical lack of evidence in certain situations. 

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Dr. Krouse has performed more than 10,000 autopsies in his over 36 years of experience as a forensic pathologist. If you need expert post-mortem analysis to augment an existing case, or just need to find out if there's enough evidence for a case, we can help you.  

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The Lab

We work with several forensic laboratories to ensure timeliness and availability while servicing our clients. Whether it's DNA, toxicology, or trace evidence, we offer a full-service, one-stop consultation experience.

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The Records

Dr. Krouse and his team are able to review all types of records relevant to a forensic investigation in order to establish cause of death, injury, or disease. If you're looking for more depth of understanding in your evidence, it is imperative that you analyze the available information as much as possible with the most qualified personnel available. 

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Uncompromising Forensic Investigation

Dr. Krouse has testified in hundreds of proceedings from depositions to trials and humanitarian inquiries that involved a variety of causality and sensitivity. His experience with forensic investigation and bringing credibility to complex investigative situations is among the best in the world.

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Our mission is to provide objective scientific investigative services to our clients, and to present our findings with unbiased professionalism.